Vintage Pleated Table Lamp with LED E27 Tricolored Bulb - Charming Decorative Night Light for Bedroom

$75.97 USD

Lampshade Color

Introducing our Vintage Pleated Table Lamp, a delightful addition to your bedroom decor. This lamp features a ceramic base and includes an LED E27 tricolored bulb, adding both charm and functionality to your space. Its vintage design and compact size make it an excellent choice for creating a cozy ambiance.

Key Features:

  • Vintage Design: The lamp showcases a charming pleated lampshade and ceramic base, offering a vintage aesthetic.
  • Included LED Bulb: Comes with an energy-efficient E27 tricolored LED bulb for instant illumination.
  • AU, US, EU, UK Plug Options: Choose the plug type that matches your region for easy setup.
  • Decorative Night Light: This lamp serves as both a decorative piece and a functional night light.
  • Compact Size: Designed to fit seamlessly on bedside tables, dressers, or any surface in your bedroom.
  • Charming Decor: Elevate your bedroom decor with the unique charm of this pleated table lamp.

Brighten up your bedroom with the Vintage Pleated Table Lamp, complete with an LED tricolored bulb. Its vintage appeal, decorative pleated lampshade, and ceramic base add character and style to your space. Enjoy the warm and cozy ambiance created by this charming night light.