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Embrace the fusion of modern art and practical functionality with our Nordic Art Chandelier Ceiling Fan. This unique, bladeless ceiling fan lamp is a contemporary addition to any bedroom, combining the elegance of a chandelier with the utility of a ceiling fan. Available in two sizes, with a diameter of either 60cm or 65cm and a height of 20cm, it fits seamlessly into various room sizes. The lamp offers adjustable power options (5 head 51W or 7 head 67W) and operates on a voltage of 85-265V, tailored to your country's standard voltage. Suitable for areas ranging from 10-25 square meters, it features a versatile light source allowing you to switch between warm, cold, and neutral light. The fan offers three wind speeds (slow, intermediate, fast) and comes with a convenient timing function for the lights (1 hour/2 hours/4 hours).

Product Specifications:

  • Size Options: Diameter 60cm/65cm, Height 20cm
  • Power: 5 head 51W, 7 head 67W
  • Voltage: 85-265V (according to your country's standard)
  • Applicable Area: 10-25 square meters
  • Light Source: Changeable to warm, cold, or neutral light
  • Wind Speed: Slow, Intermediate, Fast
  • Timer: Auto turn-off feature for lights (1h/2h/4h)
  • Style: Nordic Art, Bladeless Design
  • Ideal for: Bedrooms and contemporary living spaces
  • Installation: Professional installation recommended
  • Maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain

Enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your bedroom with this Nordic Art Chandelier Ceiling Fan, a perfect combination of style and modern innovation.



▲7 head size: diameter 65cm,height 20cm▲

▲7 head applicable area: 15-25 square meters▲

▲5 head size: diameter 60cm,height 20cm▲

▲5 head applicable area: 10-18 square meters▲

▲Power: 5 head 51W,7 head 67W▲

▲Warm White▲

▲7 head black and glod▲

▲Color: glod▲

▲5 head black and glod▲

▲Turn off the light effect▲

▲Product material:ironware,acrylic▲

▲Fan blade material: ABS synthetic plastics▲

▲Lampshade material: frosted glass▲

▲Voltage: AC90-265V(Manufactured according to your country's standard voltage)▲

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