White and Brass Fabric Wall Mounted Light - Minimalist Tapered Wall Sconce

$221.34 USD

Number of lights
Color: White
This is a wall lamp made of metal with a traditional style. The shade is made of fabric and the light is either LED, incandescent, or fluorescent. The fixture is 15 to 19 inches tall and the width and depth of the fixture are 15 and 9 inches, respectively. The product does not come with a light bulb but the base for the bulb is E12/E14. This wall light is for indoor use only.

This product is a wall lamp that comes in two sizes, 15 to 19 inches and 10 to 14 inches. It also comes in two colors, white and black. The lamp has one or two lights, LED, incandescent, or fluorescent. The shade is either fabric or metal. The style is either traditional or modern. It is only for indoor use. The height of the fixture is either 15 or 19 inches, and the width is either 10 or 15 inches. The depth of the fixture is 9 inches. The bulbs are not included, and the base of the bulb is either E12 or E14. The light type can be chosen.