Embrace Modern Elegance with the Extra-Slim Gold LED Pendant Chandelier

$835.73 USD

Color: Gold
Number of tiers

Make a statement in your living room with the captivating blend of minimalism and modern design offered by the Extra-Slim Gold LED Pendant Chandelier. This elegant and versatile fixture adds a touch of sophistication and style to your space.

Modern Design:

    • Sleek gold finish: Offers a contemporary aesthetic that complements various décor styles.
    • Extra-slim design: Creates a minimalist profile that is perfect for modern spaces.
    • Hoop design: Adds a touch of visual intrigue and complements the contemporary look.

Functional Illumination:

    • Integrated LED light source: Provides energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination (bulb not included, SMD base).
    • Multiple tiers: Choose from either a 3-tier or 5-tier option (depending on your preference and the size of your space).
    • Up and down lighting: Provides both ambient and task lighting, catering to various needs.

Additional Features:

    • Adjustable height: Allows you to personalize the placement of the chandelier and tailor the light to your needs (installation by a qualified electrician is recommended, consult the product manual for specific instructions).


    • Size:
        • Width: 47 inches
        • Height: Adjustable (refer to product manual for details)
    • Number of Lights: Integrated LED (SMD base)
    • Color: Gold
    • Style: Modern, Minimalist
    • Material: Acrylic, Stainless Steel
    • Fixture Type: Pendant
    • Feature: Up & Down Lighting, Adjustable Height
    • Voltage: 220V-240V (compatible with most electrical systems)

This Extra-Slim Gold LED Pendant Chandelier is perfect for:

    • Living rooms
    • Dining rooms
    • Entryways
    • High-ceiling areas
    • And any space seeking a touch of modern elegance, minimalist design, and versatile lighting.

Embrace the captivating design of the Extra-Slim Gold LED Pendant Chandelier and elevate the ambiance of your space