Luna Industrial Retro Style Pendant light

$88.97 USD

Body Color


Transform your space with Luna's Industrial Retro Style Chandelier, a striking addition to any interior decor. Crafted with wrought iron in a creative design, this pendant light exudes vintage charm and industrial flair. Whether it's illuminating a bar counter, living room, restaurant, porch, corridor, or aisle, this chandelier adds character and ambiance to any setting.

Product Features:

  • Wrought iron construction for durability and rustic appeal
  • Industrial retro style design adds vintage charm
  • Suitable for various spaces including bar counters, living rooms, restaurants, porches, corridors, and aisles
  • Creates a unique ambiance with its creative design
  • Provides both functional lighting and decorative accent
  • Perfect for adding character to any interior setting

Elevate your space with Luna's Industrial Retro Style Chandelier, bringing warmth and character to your home or establishment.