Led Glass Ceiling Lamp Bedroom Living Room Ceiling Light Moire Pattern Ceiling Lamps AC 90 - 260V Indoor Lighting Decoration Fixtures

$91.97 USD


Illuminate your indoor spaces with our stylish LED Glass Ceiling Lamp, featuring a captivating moire pattern. This elegant ceiling light is perfect for adding a decorative touch to various areas of your home, including the bedroom, living room, exhibition hall, and restaurant. Crafted from high-quality glass, the lampshade measures 22*12.5 cm, making it a suitable size for various room dimensions. The lamp operates on AC 220V and comes in two style options: AU Plug and EU Plug, catering to different geographical needs. Please note that the light source is not included with this lamp, allowing you to choose the LED bulb that best fits your lighting preferences. Its unique moiré pattern design not only provides efficient lighting but also serves as a beautiful decorative piece in any setting.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: High-quality Glass
  • Voltage: AC 90 - 260V
  • Light Source: LED (not included)
  • Plug Styles: AU Plug, EU Plug
  • Lampshade Size: 22*12.5cm
  • Usage Scenarios: Bedroom, Living Room, Exhibition Hall, Restaurant, etc.
  • Style: Decorative LED Ceiling Lamp with Moiré Pattern
  • Design: Elegant and modern, suitable for various interior decors
  • Installation: Easy to install, compatible with standard ceiling mounts
  • Maintenance: Low maintenance, easy to clean and durable

Enhance the ambiance of your indoor spaces with this LED Glass Ceiling Lamp, where modern elegance meets functional lighting.








Note: The product does not come with a light source, please purchase it separately!