Talia Jigsaw Puzzle Light: Fun and Functional for Kids' Rooms

$245.68 USD

Color: Red
Color temperature

Bring a touch of playful creativity to your child's space with this charming LED ceiling light featuring a jigsaw puzzle design.


  • Unique jigsaw puzzle design: Sparks imagination and encourages a playful atmosphere.
  • Durable acrylic construction: Ensures long-lasting use and provides shatter-resistant benefits.
  • Multi-color LED light: Choose from white and other color options to create different moods (details about additional colors not provided).
  • Energy-efficient LED technology: Provides bright illumination while saving on energy costs.
  • Easy installation: Flush mount design allows for seamless integration into the ceiling.

Additional details:

  • Size: 15 to 19 inches wide, 18 inches long
  • Bulb included: Yes (built-in LED)
  • Voltage: 110-120V or 220-240V

Ideal for:

  • Children's bedrooms
  • Playrooms

Embrace the playful design and create a fun and functional lighting solution for your child's space.


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