Gear Up for Style and Functionality with the Gear Shaped Gym Pendant Light

$379.51 USD

Color: White

Elevate your space with the captivating Gear Shaped Gym Pendant Light, a modern and functional lighting solution that adds a touch of industrial chic to your home or gym. This unique piece seamlessly blends modern design and energy-efficient LED technology, making it a perfect choice for any style-conscious individual.


  • Unique Gear-Shaped Design: Adds a touch of industrial sophistication to your space.
  • Multiple Size Options: Choose from 23.5" or 31.5" diameter to perfectly suit your needs.
  • Sleek and Streamlined Silhouette: Fixture height of only 3" for a modern look.
  • Three Stylish Colors: Available in gold, white, or black to complement any decor.
  • Bright and Inviting White Light: Creates a welcoming atmosphere.
  • LED Bulb Included: Provides energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination.
  • Adjustable Brightness: Choose from two maximum wattage options (40-59W or 60-99W) to suit your needs.
  • Durable Metal Construction: Built to last in both residential and commercial settings.
  • Adjustable Hanging Height: 51" chain/cord allows for customization.
  • Easy Installation: Includes canopy kit for simple installation (direct wired).


  • Modern design enhances the aesthetic of your space.
  • LED technology provides energy savings and long bulb life.
  • Multiple size and color options offer flexibility.
  • Adjustable brightness allows for personalized lighting.
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting use.
  • Easy installation saves time and effort.

Ideal for:

  • Homes (living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms)
  • Gyms
  • Commercial settings (restaurants, bars, offices)

Embrace the unique design and functional features of the Gear Shaped Gym Pendant Light. Order yours today and experience a captivating blend of style and illumination in your space